Justin Bunnell

I'm Justin Bunnell editor, writer, and graphics designer.

Justin Bunnell is an editor, writer and graphics designer at www.retromotionmedia.com . Working with multiple agencies and filmmakers Justin has helped produce dozens of television commercials, online marketing pieces, and feature films. Justin has experience in multiple areas of production and post production bringing working knowledge, and proven creativity to his productions.

Justin Bunnell strives to create meaningful, targeted work that not only helps market a brand, but also contributes to the community. “At the heart of any brand, person or product is a story, and those stories real people will connect with on a personal level.”

Technology has leveled the playing field. The tools available today make it easier, and easier for just about anyone to create digital media. The meaningful, and powerful projects that stand out are created by collaborating with professionals that not only fully understand the tools needed, but also have an understanding of telling a story, and being able to market that story.


Justin Bunnell's Background

Justin Bunnell's Experience

Partner/Owner at Retro Motion Media

July 2012 - Present | Williston, Vermont

As partner and owner of RetroMotion Media I provide expertise and working knowledge of many aspects of digital post production for digital motion pictures. I also serve as a creative marketing contributor, and creative content contributor.

Owner at Sky Dragon Post L.L.C.

October 2011 - June 2012 | Williston, Vermont

Freelance LLC providing visual effects, and editing post production services.

Editor & visual effects at Mt. Mansfield Media

September 2009 - October 2011 | Colcester, Vermont

Provided editing, and visual effects for many broadcast television commercials, web videos, as well as audio design for radio.

Owner at Red Turtle Studios

December 2005 - November 2009 | Shelburne, Vermont

Freelancing under the name Red Turtle Studios providing visual effects, and editing post production services.

Editor & visual effects at Edgewood Studios

November 2005 - June 2007 | Rutland, Vermont

During my time with Edgewood I edited multiple feature films, documentaries, and help provide visual effects for films.

Justin Bunnell's Education

Bellows Free Academy

Calvary Baptist

University of Vermont

2002 – 2005

Concentration: Classics/English

Activities: Acting,creative writing

Justin Bunnell's Interests & Activities

Marketing, boating, music, movies, audio recording, and bulldogs